Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pointsettia is back, kinda. ^_^

This is going to be a quickie tonight because I need to make dinner and get back to editing photos of the Halloween collection. Just wanted to let you all know that #106 Pointsettia is back! Yay! But wait, there's a catch... You can't buy it. ^_^ Meh? Say again? That's right, you can't buy it because I'm giving it away, in a manner of speaking. Let me explain...

The reformulation of Pointsettia has been a long time coming. I've tried a lot of different formulas and none really worked without using Red #40. A lot of you probably know that to legally sell products containing Red #40 (and several other lake dyes), the seller must obtain the color with a batch certification intact from the manufacturer. My suppliers carry these colorants in smaller quantities for private use. When they receive the shipment, it is batch certified and they can legally sell it to their customers. Unfortunately, batch certifications are non-transferable, so the quantity I buy from them does not have batch certification, and while still perfectly safe to use, I cannot legally sell products containing the colorant. That means purchasing the colorant in bulk. Really bulk. Direct-from-the-manufacturer-bulk. The smallest quantity I could find was a kilo and it was still around $100. o_0 Well, I thought I'd just save up and get it and then make... a metric ton of lipstick? What the hell am I going to do with all that colorant?! There's no way I could use it all up. :(

So then I figured out something BRILLIANT. The FDA doesn't care if I give away these products, only if I SELL these products. Well, I have a loyalty program and I give away free samples with practically every purchase, why not give my customers the option of choosing this color as a freebie until I can afford the giant order of colorant? Perfect! So yes, here's how to get this great color: 1. You may purchase a set of samples (7 or 10) and request this color as one of your freebies. 2. You may choose this color as your free eye shadow through the customer loyalty program (for every $50 you spend on merchandise, you get a free full sized shadow). 3. If you win a contest of mine for a "winner's choice" eye shadow, you may request this color. ^_^

Okay, for those of you still going, "WTF?! What is Pointsettia?" Pointsettia was part of my first Holiday collection, along with Vanilla Lace and Haute Cocoa. This eye shadow has a semi-matte, bricky red base with scarlet and crimson microglitters and this new version has a soft violet sheen. It may stain, though I haven't had any trouble with this new formula. The coverage is good, and buildable. Here's a video of the color in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzqDpvbUiq4&list=UU6gaXWiT4HQXfuIKnnXyTxQ&index=1&feature=plcp and below are some photos...

Swatched on bare skin:
 On white paper:
 "Streak" shown on Black paper:
 Shown on Black Paper:
 And shown in indirect sunlight:

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