Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Things For A New Year.

Just a few quick things, since it's been awhile...

If you missed it, there's a coupon code on Facebook (FB200) that is good for 20% off your order, it expires 01/27/2013 at midnight, so just a few hours left to take advantage of it.

I have decided that 2013 is going to be a HUGE year for The Chequered Lily Apothecary. To get us started, I've decided to host a monthly giveaway on Facebook and here on the blog. January's giveaway is a beautiful stack of golden and gold green shades (Neverwhere, Oakmoss, and Trolled), as shown left. For more information, and to enter, please visit the  facebook fanpage .

In addition to monthly free stuff, I've decided to host a set of monthly coordinating eye shadow colors. January's selections are The 13th, Snowdrift, and Moonless Night. Each CotM (Color of the Month) eye shadow is discounted to $5.00 for the entire month it is featured. These colors will show up at the top of my shop listings, so they are easier to find.

I'm also releasing a line of blush. The first is available now and is part of the Valentine's Day 2013 collection (also available now in the Etsy shop. I have 2 more that I'm working on now and will list in February, possibly earlier if I'm able. I've also got a couple more new eye shadow colors due out next week (just working on editing the photos for the listings).

I am hoping to be able to invest in nice labels for the tops of my containers very soon, and am aiming to start selling offline (in addition to Etsy) by March of this year. I want to thank everyone who has purchased from me since I got started, I really appreciate your enthusiasm and feedback, you have all been wonderful! Here's to a beautiful 2013! ^_^