Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So here's a quick and craptastic preview of just one good thing coming down the pipeline. I'm upgrading my branding and this is the first bit of it and they are looooong over due: business cards! ^_^ The reverse of these is even more stunning, since it involves a rewards program that I'll be implementing later this summer. I'm getting ever closer to a re-launch on Etsy, it's down to filling the last few jars and checking all my listings for accuracy. Samples are also nearly done, and I only have a handful of colors to remake before opening. I was scheduled to be out of town this week and next, but that fell through, so to make the best use of this time, I'll be trying to tie up all of these loose ends and push forward with this last bit of work. There will be a hell of a sale on the Etsy site (and I will give you all plenty of notice before it starts), but many quantities will be limited. I'll be listing some odds and ends that I'll not be using as well, mostly containers for anyone interested, and they will be deeply discounted. I'll post more about this later, when I have time and photos of the inventory. See you all soon! ^_~